Organizational Health at the Heart of our Concerns

Samson HR is able to support you regardless of the management style and the laws governing your organization. We offer a tailored approach to personalized services in the form of training, coaching, and consultation services.

Our expertise lies in labour relations and is comprised of two focused approaches, namely conflict prevention and management. Every employee has the right to a healthy, safe work environment that is free from harassment – this right is the responsibility of all staff at all levels.

The purposes of optimal workplace health and wellbeing management:

  • Establish a cooperative team;
  • Prevent and mitigate conflicts;
  • Ensure the application of laws related to work;
  • Promote respect;
  • Increase attraction and retention of human capital.


It takes a lot of reflection and commitment to resolve conflicts in a professional environment. There are many sources of workplace conflict, such as skill level, personality, culture, favoritism, discrimination, physical and verbal abuse, mental health, jealousy, poor judgment – the list goes on.

The employer has an obligation to prevent and put an end to workplace harassment, while ensuring the health and wellbeing of employees are prioritized. By implementing a preventative approach, it becomes easier to target and control this type of behaviour.

Samson HR assists its clients with the following solutions:

  • Diagnosis of the work climate and organizational health;
  • Update internal policies and programs;
  • Mental illnesses training;
  • Conflict management training;
  • Work ethics and civility training;
  • Workplace harassment training and the impact of words;
  • Development of relational effectiveness based on personality types, skills, and motivations of each (The NOVA Profile);
  • Other training and coaching as needed.

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Conflict Management

The Samson HR team includes several workplace harassment investigators, and our reputation for completing investigations in government and the private sectors appropriately demonstrates our professionalism and experience for over ten years.

Our labour relations professionals have all held management positions in labour relations and specialize in harassment investigation, mediation, and conflict prevention and resolution. The Samson HR team also includes lawyers with years of experience in public and private sectors who specialize in labour law, harassment investigation, and mediation.