Compensation and Pay Equity

Attract talent through equity and pay structure

Compensation management has an impact on many levels of an organization. It can attract, motivate and retain staff just as it can do the opposite. Compensation can also affect job performance by influencing employee attitudes and behaviors.

Different strategies can be implemented to position the organization’s compensation relative to the market. What matters in a compensation system is not only about the numbers indicated on your organization’s payroll, but the sense of fairness perceived by employees.

Samson HR offers the following solutions:

  • Design of an attractive and fair salary structure
  • Development of a remuneration strategy linked to performance
  • Long-term incentive programs
  • Comparative labour market analysis


Sylvie Samson, CRHA, B.A.A.
President & Senior HR Consultant

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The exercise and maintenance of pay equity

Our experts can help you complete your pay equity plan, which includes the following steps:

  • Identify job categories and their gender predominance;
  • Choose the method, evaluation tools, and evaluation process;
  • Offer optimal solutions on the particularities of your organization;
  • Evaluate and compare job categories;
  • Calculate gaps from a unique software that complies with legal requirements;
  • Write the final report;
  • Support in the event of complaints, declarations, and all other requests.