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Organizational design and classification

Team efficiency through an optimal structure

Today's organizations are increasingly challenged by change. Economic globalization and rapid technological change can both create new opportunities and increase the complexity of business. In addition, competitive pressures are increasingly demanding. The current economic crisis is leading to massive job cuts, while many industries are suffering from scarcity of professional resources in key areas. In the midst of this, employees are looking for more satisfaction and value in their work.

No matter what type of organization - private, public or not-for-profit - you need to adapt, respond, become more creative and more customer-focused to survive and thrive in this new world.

We have many years of relevant experience in the following activities:

- The development and implementation of strategic directions (vision, mission and objectives);

- Analysis and design of optimal structures;

- Writing job descriptions;

- Reorganization of work including procedures, mobilization and change management.